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Serverless in action. Part 4: CI/CD

Part 0: Intro, Part 1: Auth and Part 2: CRUD and Part 3: Notification


In this part, we would create a CI/CD process using AWS tools. There are a few AWS services for that:

Is Java enum underused?


An enum type is a special data type which holds a list of constants. Enum type variable must be equal to one of those constants. Java Enum is a type of class which is defined with enum keyword and was introduced in Java 5. As it mentioned it’s used to define a list of constants, but not limited to it and can also contain methods and fields.

More specific information could be found in Java enum’s documentation.

Serverless in action. Part 3: Notification

Part 0: Intro, Part 1: Auth and Part 2: CRUD


Here we would implement the last, but not the least part of our application - notifying customers that they should come to the place that they waited for: It has two lambda functions:

  • Product - sends waitees that should be notified into the SQS.
  • Consumer - processes SQS and sends notifications to the waitees.

Serverless in action. Part 2: CRUD

Part 0: Intro and Part 1: Auth


This section is about the core of our application - CRUD lambda functions. Remind you the architecture: On the design above we have:

  • CRUD Waitlist - lambda function to handle all the operations on the waitlist.
  • CRUD Waitee - lambda function to handle all the operations on the waitee from specific waitlist.

Serverless in action. Part 1: Auth

Part 0: Intro could be found here.


We start our dive deep into the architecture from Auth section. To remind you from the previous part it has the next design: