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5+ years of experience.
Originally from Lviv, Ukraine, but currently live in Seattle, WA.
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Serverless in action. Part 0: Intro


Nowadays serverless architecture became a thing in application design. The main advantage it gives to us is that we don’t need to manage servers anymore, however, technically it still runs on the servers. Serverless architecture became popular after release of AWS Lambda which gave us the possibility to deploy a single function(peace of code) to AWS environment and then execute it. This article consists of 3 parts which describe how to build a serverless application step by step.

Is there an alternative to Lombok?

For the last few years Lombok became one of the most used java libraries.
Unfortunately with the latest releases of Java it has some problems Java 9, Java 10.
I won’t list all the advantages and disadvantages of it, but rather show some alternative libraries:

Fishshell, is it worth a try?

Disclaimer: This post is more like a list of notes rather than structured material.


To be honest, before using fishshell I only used bash and it satisfied my needs, but around ~6 months ago my friend suggested me to try fishshell instead and it was totally worth it. Below I’m going to list some pros and cons that I found for myself (some of them are pretty straightforward and obvious).